About Chickens and Compost

Chickens and Compost was created because I had a wealth of knowledge about chickens, compost, gardening, and wildlife that was only being spread to a few friends, my loving husband, and my adult kids. My oldest daughter created this platform to share my tips, tricks, mistakes, and more to everyone reading this – YOU. 

What to expect…

You can expect honesty about what really happens behind the scenes, integrity to create a more sustainable lifestyle, and a dry sense of humor. 

HINT: If you read everything I write in a British accent, it makes everything 10 times more credible. An American accent just doesn’t have that same effect. 

Who I Am

I am Caroline Broderick, a British-Texan who loves all things gardening, chickens, compost, and wildlife.

I am finally an empty nester of 4 beautiful children – Lauren, Thomas, Henry, and Rachel. My beloved husband, Stuart, and I live on a 5-acre property with our 2 nutty dogs (Oliver and Charlie), a sassy cat (Em), 20 chickens, 2 bee hives, and an abundant assortment of wildlife.

Just give me a glass of wine and my backyard! That’s heaven to me.

If you ever play the song “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, you will find me dancing like no one is in the room. It happened at Lauren’s wedding – and it was glorious.

Welcome to my patch of the Texas Hill Country!

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Honeybee Winter Readiness

One of the things I was really quite worried about with my Honeybees was “Would they have enough stored honey to get them through winter?”. This was the most pressing question I had on my mind when I went to the Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA) Annual Conference in November. I

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Gardening News

I’d don’t know about you, but my garden is a hot mess. It’s doesn’t know if it’s coming or going! I have some plants that I thought had died over summer revive themselves, I have blooms everywhere, Fall color and then we had 2 nights of frost this week! What’s

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Winterizing Honeybees!

We’ve just had a short cold snap here in the San Antonio area but in the next few days temperatures will be back in the 60’s. Of course we do get wintery weather but it never seems to last long. One thing that worries me is that my Honeybees will

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Think Outside Your Garden!

More and more I’m seeing articles about the importance of pollinators in our gardens, for our crops and food supplies. A couple of weekends ago I was at the Guadalupe River State Park for their Pollinator Festival with the Mammam Family Public Library. We were talking to folks about native

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Fall Gardening in South Texas

I think that many of us are relieved that temperatures are finally dropping. Still too dry but I’ll take anything & the wonderful, refreshing mornings the last few days are glorious. I love sitting on my back porch watching the birds, especially the hummingbirds. It won’t be long before the

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Getting Bees Ready for Winter

As a fairly new beekeeper, it’s quite difficult to know that you’re doing things right for your bees. Stuart and I don’t have that experience yet to really know that things are OK. To add to this difficulty, there seems to be 101 ways to do anything connected with honey

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