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Honey Harvest

Last weekend, we had our VERY FIRST HONEY HARVEST. Seeing and tasting the results of my girls’ labors was a joy in itself. My youngest daughter, Rachel, was home for the weekend, and I pressed her into ‘service’ even though she had never been anywhere near my beehives! Checking Out

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Honey – Raw & Local

I’ve have had recent conversations with several friends asking about what’s the best honey to buy. So here’s my quick primer on what to look for when you go to buy honey. Stuart and I had an inspection of our hives yesterday. Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next

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Honeybees Recycling Wax

Just a short blog to show you how incredible Honeybees are at recycling. I told you about having to remove a couple of old frames of wax from my Texan bees after their pesticide poisoning episode. Well, I removed the wax from the frames to render down and clean. It’s

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Bee Update – The Good, The Sad & The Beautiful!

I feel like my Honeybees have been dominating my thoughts recently, for all sorts of reasons. If you read last weeks blog, you will know that we recently lost about 2/3 of our Texan beehive – probably due to pesticide poisoning! At the same time our Italian bees were doing

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Make Every Day EARTH DAY

I CHALLENGE YOU TO ELIMINATE PESTICIDES FROM YOUR GARDEN! With Earth Day today, Stuart and I were pretty devastated to find piles of dead bees outside one of my hives last week! This was a really strong hive and we were planning on giving these girls more room to stop

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Birds, Bees and Butterflies

While I’ve been busy getting the garden tidied up, I haven’t forgotten to spend some time just watching the Birds, Bees and Butterflies. One of my favorite times of the day is early morning on my back porch with a mug of coffee. A great way to relax seeing what’s

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