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Chicken Run Maintenance

This past weekend Stuart and I spent quite a bit of time with the chickens. We had two tasks planned – the first was repairs to our chicken watering system and the second was to muck out their run. He got the first job, I got the second! Chicken watering

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Summer Heat Management for Chickens

Often at this time of year that a very old Noel Coward song runs through my mind: “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun“.  I’m amused on several levels – after living in South Texas for 20  years I’ve learned NOT to go out in the midday sun in

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Securing the Chicken Enclosure

Stuart and I spent the 4th July shoveling concrete – over 1,000 pounds of it! The previous weekend, Thomas (my oldest son) helped Stuart take down the old chicken coop – the one sliding downhill! As usually happens when you do any sort of upgrades or repairs, you find something

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Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is rizI wonder where the birdies is..The bird is on the wing – that’s absurd –The wing is clearly on the bird! My grass is certainly riz! But it’s still full of wildflowers so the lawn mower stays firmly in the shed unless I really

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My New Chicken Coop – Part 2

We finally got the new chicken coop finished on Sunday evening. It’s taken a while to complete because of weather and best friends visiting from Scotland. Before I go any further… I have to give a huge shout out to Rachel who spent quite a bit of her Spring Break

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My New Chicken Coop – Part 1

Why a new coop? If you remember from a past blog, all that rain we had in September 2018 caused our old coop to slide a little away from the enclosure. It was also about 10 years old… Stuart figured that we would not be able to push it back

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