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Honey Harvest

Last weekend, we had our VERY FIRST HONEY HARVEST. Seeing and tasting the results of my girls’ labors was a joy in itself. My youngest daughter, Rachel, was home for the weekend, and I pressed her into ‘service’ even though she had never been anywhere near my beehives! Checking Out

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HYDRO means water, PONOS means labor I talked about wanting to ‘have a go at hydroponics’ back in the Fall & we got going this spring! To be truthful, Stuart has been doing most of the research & I’ve got the job of growing plants! He’s my Gardening Engineer and

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Make Every Day EARTH DAY

I CHALLENGE YOU TO ELIMINATE PESTICIDES FROM YOUR GARDEN! With Earth Day today, Stuart and I were pretty devastated to find piles of dead bees outside one of my hives last week! This was a really strong hive and we were planning on giving these girls more room to stop

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What’s Blooming?

Today I want to show you what’s blooming in my garden. Everything I’ve shown here is a native plant/tree that’s grown naturally on my property. Not everything that’s blooming is big and showy. As you’ll see some of the most beautiful blooms are actually really small and unremarkable until you

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Birds, Bees and Butterflies

While I’ve been busy getting the garden tidied up, I haven’t forgotten to spend some time just watching the Birds, Bees and Butterflies. One of my favorite times of the day is early morning on my back porch with a mug of coffee. A great way to relax seeing what’s

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Gardening News

Feb 2020 update Want to show this photo of a patch of Oregano that I severely trimmed back in November. This is why herbs need regular & (sometimes) harsh trimming. Look at it now! I’ve just picked a bunch for some homemade tomato soup & you can’t even see where

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