Just a short blog to show you how incredible Honeybees are at recycling. I told you about having to remove a couple of old frames of wax from my Texan bees after their pesticide poisoning episode. Well, I removed the wax from the frames to render down and clean.

Frames for cleaning – bees were there within a couple of hours to recycle wax

It’s impossible to remove ALL the wax from a frame. So what you do is put the frames out for the honeybees to clean up and recycle. I also have a new camera to play with and learn how to use. It was a beautiful evening, so I sat down next to the frames with my new camera on a small table top tripod and started snapping photos.

I was within a foot or less of these busy bees, but they weren’t interested in me. They just wanted the the beeswax to take back to their hives & recycle. The bees would put their heads deep into the channel on the frames to chew out tiny pieces of wax. You can clearly see flakes of wax on their hind legs – the place where they would normally carry pollen back to the hive. Amazing industrious little creatures that don’t like anything going to waste!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Caroline xo


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