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Red Wasps & My Wildlife Pond

I’ve see a lot of red wasps around lately and they often seem to be at the pond in the evening with my honey bees. They land on the water to drink and then often go into the huisache tree by the pond to ? dry off/groom/whatever. We’ve had no stings from them but I have to admit to feeling a little intimidated when I have 4-5 flying around me!

Micro Prairies

Easy to do this – add one or two native plants here & there. Many happily self seed so you can make more plants for your neighbors.

Securing the Chicken Enclosure

Here’s the full story of what Stuart & I did on 4th July – securing our chicken enclosure so the girls can sleep safe and sound! Cold beer and grilled steak at the end of the day was well deserved!

Pesticides Are Killing Hummingbirds

I’ve been enjoying early morning coffee on my back porch, especially watching hummingbirds. I’d read a report that pesticides are killing hummingbirds as well as bees & other pollinators. Got me thinking about what everyone can do to make things better. Please read on and think about what you can do in your garden.

Wildlife Pool

Here’s what my wildlife pool looks like now – back in action!

I’ve had a few issues with my wildlife pond – namely Charlie splashing around and puncturing the liner! Stuart and I have been working on lining the pond with concrete to provide a permanent (anti-Charlie) fix. Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few of days time. Check out my easy solution for keeping my bees and other pollinators hydrated while the pond is out of commission.

Update on the Bees

Our hives are thriving and the workers are doing a great job raising young and storing honey. Love going down in the evenings to see them all flying in, weighed down with pollen. These are simply amazing creatures.

Keeping Chickens Cool in the Summer

How do you keep cool in the summer? Find out what I do to keep my chickens cool in this weeks blog. Please share this with your friends that are interested in gardening, nature, chickens or bees
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